One Stop Photo

Minilab Services

Old photo restoration and colorization

Finding a minilab is not easy these days. While capturing photos on negatives is no longer common, disposable cameras that still use negatives are still availible on the market. Consumers will get frustrated to discover how scarse are the labs that still process negatives. At One Stop Photo you can develop your negative films and print from your old negatives.

Our lab digitizes you negatives before printing and as such, you can request those image files for personal archiving and for uploading to the internet. Negatives will fade and degrade over time. Therefore, we recommend to digistize your favorite shots for indefinate archiving. Digital files may be endlessly coppied without loss of quality. We can also create high resolution scans of your old photographs, without the distortions you would get if you tried to photograph them with your smart-phone. If the photograph was damaged, it can be digitally repaired. Black and White photographs can be colorized. Weather on facebook or on your mobile phone, you can always bring back those cherished memories to share with friends and family.

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